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Furnishing tips for new homeowners

After years of saving, you've managed to buy a place which is your exclusive private space. You need to bring in the basics so that your house is set-up well for you and your family to live in. For wh...

Home and Garden

Transform your house into a cozy home

When you compare a dull space with no momentous personal element and a decorated space with memories attached, you'll pick the latter one to be your home. The journey from a brick and wall house to th...

Home and Garden

Top 3 upholstery fabrics

Life with colors and decoration make it livelier and merrier. When you make it a point to dress yourself up with different clothes of different materials every day, then why not the same for your hous...

Home and Garden

Why people prefer using artificial Christmas trees over real ones?

Christmas is the time when people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and it is indeed incomplete without a Christmas tree. This is why many variations of Christmas trees are available these days. Peo...

Home and Garden

Christmas trees – A holiday tradition for centuries

The tradition and ritual of putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it is nothing new to the world. It is a nostalgic activity that many people have fond memories of. However, with the passage of t...

Home Decor

How to use the right pendant lights for your home

A light fixture can greatly enhance the look of any space, provided it is the right one. The perfect light fixture can not only add to the functional aspects of your home but also beautify it. Using a...

Home Decor

Light fixtures for your garden

Outdoor lighting fixtures can not only enhance your house's exterior, but if done right, these can upgrade your entire home space. Garden lights can highlight specific features in your house's outdoor...

Home Decor

Decorative light fixtures for your home

With so many different types of decorative lights in the market, it is easy to get confused about what and how to use one that works best for your home interior needs. Decorative lights can be both be...

Home Decor

Match slipcovers with every need and occasion

Add a touch of class and elegance to your couches, chairs, and ottomans with versatile slipcovers. Explore the furnishing market online and pick some bold print or solid colors to give the desired loo...

Home Decor

Slipcovers: An easy way to revamp the furniture

Simply buying some elegant furniture pieces to jazz up a room is not enough when it comes to home decor. These items must be properly maintained over time so that their original look and feel is prese...

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