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Tackle excessive sweating with these simple home remedies

About 2 to 3% of Americans are said to suffer from Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. When the sweat wets the clothing like undergarments and socks and remain on the person's body for a long while, ...

Home and Garden

Four great ideas for patio furniture

When was the last time when you looked around your garden, terrace or patio area and wondered about the most amazing things you could do with the space? We are here to help you bring together tasteful...


How to choose patio furniture

People are getting experimental with home decor, especially since they are taking the plunge and doing away with the traditional concept of investing majorly in indoor furniture, to give the outdoor s...


What are the types of bed in a bag?

There are different types of bed in a bag sets that offer various kinds of ensemble. Like for instance, a twin bed in a bag set typically includes fewer pieces than a queen set obviously because of si...


Bed in a bag – what is it?

In today's fast paced world, where there is a constant time crunch, we want everything instantly. Be it food, travel or every bedding, we want it all fast. When it comes to home decor, taking quick d...


Choose the right time to buy bedspreads

Your bedroom's makeover would not be complete if you don't have the right bedding and accessories to go with the decor. This is where choosing a bedspread becomes an important decision. The abundance ...


Types of bedspreads and how to choose them

Bedspreads are a decorative covering for the bed that are generally lightweight. These coverings can either be used by itself in warm weather or with a comforter in cold weather. Bedspreads are a grea...

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