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Health and Fitness

Treatment Options for Pinched Nerve Pain

A pinched nerve occurs when force or pressure is exerted on an area of a nerve. This causes the nerve to send warning signals to the brain. Its symptoms include a tingling sensation, burning, numbness...

Health and Fitness

10 Early Signs That You May Be Pregnant

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Of course, your baby may cry all night and your children may be annoying, but it is hard to put aside the fact that we too were kids ...

Health and Fitness

All You Need to Know about Hepatitis A

Hepatitis refers to the inflammation of the liver. Viral infection is the most common cause of hepatitis. While some types of hepatitis cause temporary discomfort and gradually go away, other types of...

Health and Fitness

Here’s How to Calculate Your Ideal Weight

As most people are aware, there is an ideal weight range according to height, age, and gender. Achieving the ideal body weight takes effort and maintaining it can avoid health issues and improve the o...

Health and Fitness

Tips to Get Quick Relief from Burning Feet Pain

A burning sensation in your feet is uncomfortable. It is a result of nerve damage in the legs, a condition popularly known as neuropathy. There are many conditions which contribute to the onset of bur...

Health and Fitness

Treatment options to get relief from ear congestion and sinus pain

The stuffiness that comes from a sinus can affect the ear congestion as the sinus and ears are connected inside a person’s head. Rather than getting treatment for your stuffy nose, the best way to g...

Health and Fitness

Lifestyle Changes to Help Lower Cholesterol Levels Quickly

“How to lower cholesterol quickly” is a common question asked by most people. Cholesterol is a thick, fat-like substance, produced by the liver. It is used to make cell tissues, protect nerves, as...

Health and Fitness

Best Treatment Options to Regrow Your Hair

In today’s world of never-ending fashion trends, how unfortunate would it be if you had to limit your styling possibilities due to severe hair loss? Hair is that part of your body that adds beauty a...

Health and Fitness

Common Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

Stomach cancer is a type of cancer caused by the unperturbed growth of cancerous cells within the inner lining of the stomach. This disease is also known as gastric cancer. It is very difficult to dia...

Health and Fitness

Types of Eye Diseases and their Symptoms

Everyone might have experienced an eye problem once. Some may be so minor that you won’t see any change in the physical appearance or in your vision. At times, it will fade away on its own, but ther...

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