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Health and Fitness

All You Need to Know About Tingling Feet

Do you often wake up with a tingling sensation in the feet? A tingling sensation generally refers to a sensory loss in any body part. It is vital not to ignore this warning signal as tingling in the ...

Health and Fitness

Tips to Control Diabetes with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has a plethora of health benefits. Recent studies have pointed out that this ingredient can be especially beneficial for diabetic patients and help in the effective managemen...

Health and Fitness

How to Effectively Stop Hiccups

People experience bouts of hiccups that can be troublesome as well as embarrassing. Hiccups happen when the diaphragm, which is a large muscle that aids in breathing, begins to involuntarily spasm. W...

Health and Fitness

5 Tips to Clear Mucus in the Throat

Mucus is the annoyingly thick and sticky substance that helps to protect and support your respiratory system. It may seem unhygienic and quite useless to say the least, but its stickiness is a boon as...

Health and Fitness

Tips for Effectively Treating Heel Pain

Heel pain is a very common foot problem that may be caused due to a stress fracture, tendonitis, heel spur, or arthritis. The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, or heel spur syndrome...

Health and Fitness

Causes of Kidney Cysts and How They Can be Treated

A cyst is a round sac filled with fluid. This pouch of thin-walled tissue grows in the kidneys, the bean-shaped organs responsible for filtering waste out of the bloodstream. You may have one cyst on ...

Health and Fitness

Tips to Get Immediate Relief from RLS

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder that causes "tingly," "itchy," and "pins and needles" sensations in the legs. The symptoms of RLS typically occur when a person is resting, slee...

Health and Fitness

Liver Cirrhosis and its 4 Stages

The liver is an integral organ of the human body. Therefore, the health of the liver directly affects the well-being of an individual. Liver cirrhosis is a degenerative disorder in which the healthy c...

Health and Fitness

Major Health Disorder Signs Indicated by Breast Pain

The left side of your body has a number of important organs. Just under and around the left breast there are organs such as the spleen, stomach, pancreas, and large intestine. If you experience pain o...

Health and Fitness

Reasons to Do Dental Teeth Whitening

The whitening of the teeth or dental teeth whitening is a very commonly known and practiced phenomenon. It is done because the enamel layer of one tooth or multiple teeth starts to erode due to time o...

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