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Gluten free dinner – A healthy idea

Before you decide to switch to a gluten free diet let us know what really gluten is and how does it affects your body. Gluten is type of protein found in grains. The main function of this form of prot...

Food and Drink

Gluten-free recipes for vegetarians

It is already a task if you are on a strict vigil of a gluten-free diet. Being a vegetarian and gluten sensitive can make things difficult as you are left with very limited options to mix and match in...

Food and Drink

Coming to America – The pizza’s journey from humble food to comfort food

Pizza is one of the most popular and common choices for those looking for a quick snack or meal. From ruling Super Bowl parties to being the go-to food for a cheat day, pizza cafes and outlets are nev...

Food and Drink

6 must-have ingredients for Mexican cuisine

Mexico is a melting pot of culture, traditions and people, and cuisine is not any different to this idea. Although there were a number of native flavors in the Mexican cuisine, over the period of time...

Food and Drink

Thai cuisine and its evolution over the years

Thai food is undauntedly loved by most of the people round the world. With a range of delicious recipes that stimulate every bit of your taste buds, Thai food has grown to be one of the most popular c...

Food and Drink

Six high-protein foods to add to your everyday diet

Protein plays an important part to build body muscle and provides strength. It is essential that we have a protein-rich diet to avail various benefits. Here is a list of high-protein foods that can al...

Food and Drink

Four high-protein foods that aren’t meat!

When we talk about protein-rich food, we end up listing the non-vegetarian kind. People do have a misconception that only meaty foods are protein-rich and vegetarian foods are not. There are a number ...

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