"Food and Drink"

Food and Drink

Delicious slow cooker recipes for every kitchen!

Cooking healthy and delicious food should not cost you any extra time in the kitchen. But slow cooker dishes are flavorsome, healthy and do take a lot of time. There isn't anything that can't be cooke...


Quick and easy bread appetizers

Bread is that one food product which is found in almost every American household, and it is consumed every day in almost every meal. There might have been times where you would have thought of doing s...

Food and Drink

Easy appetizers that you can make in a jiffy

If you are an office goer who has a packed schedule around the clock, you might get very less or no time to cook something extravagant on a daily basis. Cooking a complete entree on the go when you ar...


Easy to make breakfast recipes in minutes

Some cook occasionally, others professionally. But there are people, who might be just starting out and need a recipe which can be made with minimal use of ingredients and preparation for that matter....


Simply sweet, sinfully deceptive! Make desserts in minutes

Deserts are the perfect conclusion to a wonderful family dinner. Ingredients can be as simple as a couple of bananas dipped in chocolate to complicated souffles and parfaits. Some of the names are har...


Easy dinner ideas that are a hit with families

It is rightly said that families that eat together, stays together and it is observed that dinner time with family offers great bonding too. It is important that you have some great light and healthy ...


Five quick and easy dinner ideas for a busy weekend

From lasagna, bacon salads to shrimps and burritos, you can now prepare easy and quick dinner for your family and yourself. There are a few dishes that do look complicated but have easy dinner recipes...


Irresistible and easy-to-make desserts

Desserts are loved by all and are a surprise to our taste buds. They come from varied cultures and have the essence of the place of origin. From candies to pie, cakes to taffies, desserts are of all s...

Food and Drink

What makes a recipe worth relishing?

Culinary expertise does not come in a day or two. It is a combination of perseverance, practice, correct method and passion of cooking. From coveted chefs to homemade cooks, there is a great level of ...

Food and Drink

Game on with easy tailgate recipes

Whether you're cheering for the home team or visiting team, organizing a tailgate party can always be exciting. Here are some handpicked, easy tailgate recipes that are sure to score big. Burgers are ...

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