"Food and Drink"

Food and Drink

Delicious pumpkin bread recipes

Here are two delicious pumpkin bread recipes, that you'd enjoy experimenting with. They are simple, and have the most basic ingredients, ones that you usually have at home. They have a very special bl...

Food and Drink

A bunch of healthy meal plans to curb down your cholesterol levels

You may have been recently paying attention to your daily meals, with a renewed objective of consuming low-fat diet to reduce cholesterol levels. The one thing that can make the challenge easier for y...

Food and Drink

Mediterranean recipe to die for!

Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad Falafels are the core of Mediterranean cuisine. Falafels are packed with protein and are extremely healthy meal choices. Here is one delicious and flavorsome falafel rec...

Food and Drink

Simple diet meals that will keep you charged the entire day

If you want to live a long and healthy life in the most effortless way, then setting your diet right is of utmost importance. You will see many people who set so many rigorous rules regarding their di...

Food and Drink

Flavors and colors: Healthy Mediterranean Recipes

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most colorful cuisines from round the world. All it's flavors add to its amazing look, and of course its mouth-watering taste. Here are two recipes, which aren't ju...


The best lemon meringue pie recipe

Pies are the best thing to eat at any time of the day. You will enjoy to bake it as much as you will love to eat it. Ingredients 6 ½ ounces plain flour 3 ½ ounces cold butter 1 tablespoon icing ...


Lemon meringue pie: a quick and easy bake

A pie for breakfast? Who'd deny that? Or a good pie to go with any meal, at any time of day would be a wonderful choice. Lemon meringue pie may sound like one of the most complex pies to bake, and yet...


Lip smacking apple strudel recipes

As the adage goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. A classic apple strudel will not only help you follow the adage but also satiate your sweet cravings. Here are some exotic apple strudel recipe...

Food and Drink

Easy-to-fix simple diet meals for a healthy you

You may have followed different meal plans in the past, but the feeling of deprivation might have made you lose interest midway. This set of simple diet meals have been carved in such a way that those...


Learn to make apple strudels the quick way

A lot of people enjoy making apple strudels. It's very easy and simple to put together. Apple strudels are a treat to some and you can hardly go wrong with these. Here are a few apple strudels recipes...

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