Consumer Electronics

Technical specifications of the iPad Pro

Another version of the iPad Pro has been launched by Apple, which comes with a smaller display. The iPad Pro 10.5 inch WiFi is designed to run on iOS 10. The large 10.5 inch screen also has the LED ba...

Home and Garden

Advantages and warnings of robot vacuum cleaners such as Roomba

Fed up with cleaning the regular dust and dirt sticking to your home floors or the irritating debris that collects in your backyard? If you are thinking of allocating this time-taking job to a robot v...

Personal Finance

A must-read before applying for a parent student loan

Parent student loan, which is also referred to as PLUS loan or parent PLUS loan is a type of student loan that is offered to the parents of students who are enrolled in a graduate or a professional co...


Here’s what you need to know about Orlando tickets discount

Vacation is one way you let yourself off the hook and savor all the beautiful things in life. However, setting up things in order for a vacation with your loved ones is not easy unless you are bestowe...

Home Warranty

What is home warranty and why it is needed

Many people confuse home insurance with home warranty, and also think that warranties are something which is included in the home insurance. But this is just a misconception since warranties are taken...

Contact Lens

Contact lenses – Online buying guide and deals

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. They are also prone to a number of conditions which may be biological, environmental or acquired, depending on the exposure of the body...

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