5 popular colored keycaps

Tired of looking at your traditional mechanical keycaps? The new well-designed colored keycaps can be the best option to replace them. However, you need to understand the size of the keycaps, their placement, and the specific layout, before purchasing a new set of keycaps. The plastic layer that covers a key on a keyboard is called a keycap. It essentially identifies the symbol or letter input into the device or computer. Here are some different types of colored keycaps that are available in the market at an affordable price.

Different types of colored keycaps

  • HK gaming dye-sublimation-colored keycaps
    This is a sculpted keycap profile in Cherry. This Cherry profile keycap set is one of the keycaps sets that you can find at a lower price. Other similar profile keycap sets can cost more than $100. The HK gaming keycaps have nice, basic, and bold colors that suit the cream-colored keycaps.                                                                 
  • New arrival XDA lotus keycaps
    These keycaps are a cool white and blue design with a red accent. The XDA profile is enjoyable and fun to type on. It takes a small periodic adjustment to get used to. The arrow keys contain a simple minimalistic design that brings and makes the entire set together and fun. The New arrival XDA-colored keycaps come in different sizes depending on the layout.
  • Kraken backlit keycaps
    Kraken backlit keycaps are a good way to take the mechanical setup a notch higher! You can get backlit colored keycap sets to match your set up, favorite colors,or favorite teams. Backlit keycap sets come with keys that fit a full-size keyboard. They fit in the standard mechanical keyboard layout, that uses Cherry, or cherry equivalent switches.                                                                                                              
  • YMDK double-shot rainbow keycaps
    These are another great option with amazing design. These keycaps feature a multitude of colors. This keycap set is OEM profile. The RGB lighting shines through due to its doubleshot design, and the PBT material that it is made of.                                                                                                                  
  • YMDK YMD96 keycaps -Gray & beige
    This design by YMDK is a set of keycaps priced at a lower range. It features an OEM profile that comes in a PBT keycap design. These keycaps are sleek and convenient, and have a good contrast, which makes reading easy. The keycaps are not too flashy and can be used in a professional set up. It is perfect for those who like to purchase a keycap that is subtle yet classy.

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