Laptops and computers

Top 4 desktop computers to consider buying

Deciding whether you need a personal desktop computer (PC) or a laptop is often the most difficult to make. Laptops sure are lighter, but desktop computers are always the better option if most of your...

Laptops and computers

4 great options for Fitbit fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are all the rage in the market now as more and more people are becoming aware of their exercise needs. This is useful for professional athletes who need data to improve performance an...

Home Appliances

5 best refrigerators to consider buying

Are you looking to buy a new refrigerator? Purchasing a refrigerator that perfectly fits your needs could be a tricky choice to make. Various factors are involved in purchasing a new refrigerator, suc...

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4 accounting software ideal for small businesses

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5 popular oil stocks to invest in

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Top 5 investment firms to consider

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  • Q: What are some essential small kitchen appliances?
    If you purchased your new home or have just moved in a separate apartment and want to mend your kitchen right, here are some essential small kitchen appliances you should have. Slow cooker Mini food processor Electric tea kettle Seltzer maker Ice cream freezer Good old-fashioned toaster (not necessarily a toaster oven!) Handheld mixer Immersion ble
  • Q: Where can you buy appliances at wholesale prices?
    While many retail chains offer appliance sales, stores like Costco, BestBuy, Wholesale Appliance Depot, US Appliance, GE Outlet Stores, Wholesale Appliance Centre, and Sears are stores where you can buy appliances at wholesale prices. While you decide to spend money on buying home appliances, you can aim to save money by purchasing the same product
  • Q: What should one consider before buying a new appliance?
    A few questions help you start your search for a new appliance.Do I have enough counter / storage space available for the product I'm considering?Is it available in the color / finish I desire?Is it easy to clean / maintain?Are safety ratings and reports available to guide me?
  • Q: How to get cheap small appliance parts?
    To buy a new or used appliance part, you need to first check the model number of the appliance and its compatible parts. You can check online for cheap parts, both used and new, most of which are deliver quickly. You can fix the part all by yourself by checking tutorials online or check sites like repairclinic etc.